Razorbill | Penguin Random House 2020

YA fantasy
ISBN: tk (ISBN-13: tk)
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A race for the crown. A girl destined to die. And a weapon far more effective than any blade.

In the fantastical kingdom of Orkena, sixteen-year-old Zahru has long dreamed of seeing the world beyond her home, even while she knows her lowly position as a stable girl will never afford her such luxury. But when the king invokes the Crossing—a harrowing race across the desert between his oldest heirs, in which the fastest to finish—and take the life of a human sacrifice—will win the crown, fortune comes Zahru’s way. She finds herself at the palace to witness the epic event—and is served far more than the adventure she craves when she’s chosen as the contest’s human sacrifice.

For fans of Marie Rutkoski and Sarah J. Maas.