The Sweetest Betrayal Cover Reveal

Soooo it turns out that being very busy with book 3 edits and also moving from one city to another means I am VERY behind on my blog. But in September I revealed not only book 3’s title – The Sweetest Betrayal – but the cover, a Q&A full of readers’ most burning questions, and the full chapter 1 as well! Get thee immediately over to YABC:

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⚠️ SPOILER ALERT: Juuusst a reminder that, as this is book 3, there are some pretty big spoilers in the Q&A and the chapter excerpt itself. If you haven’t read books 1 and 2 yet, be careful about scrolling too far past the actual image!

ALSO, ARCs for this title are now available on a very limited basis! Fill out this form to request anytime from now until release (Feb 14, 2023).