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Soooo it turns out that being very busy with book 3 edits and also moving from one city to another means I am VERY behind on my blog. But in September I revealed not only book 3’s title – The Sweetest Betrayal – but the cover, a Q&A full of readers’ most burning questions, and the full chapter 1 as well! Get thee immediately over to YABC: Click me for amazing things ⚠️ SPOILER ALERT: Juuusst a reminder that, as this is book 3, there are some pretty big spoilers in the Q&A and the chapter excerpt itself. If you haven’t read books 1 andRead More →

Hello, beautiful reader. It has been a very busy few months since The Cruelest Mercy’s release, and around here I’ve been enjoying the last of some lovely fall weather, getting our five-year-old settled in to kindergarten (and telling her she absolutely has to stop calling her friends her ‘minions’ at school), and most importantly – plotting new books. Many of you know that I originally sold The Kinder Poison series as a duology to Penguin – but soon after I finished doing edits on the first book, I realized there was much more story left than could fit inside a single sequel. I wrote The Cruelest Mercy with this in mind,Read More →

Pre-Order The Cruelest Mercy and receive 3 limited edition bookmarks and a signed bookplate!

We are just ONE MONTH away from The Cruelest Mercy’s release! Last year I was able to offer poster versions of the map of Orkena that comes in each copy of The Kinder Poison, and I’m thrilled this year to be offering something equally as wonderful – limited edition character bookmarks depicting Kasta, Zahru, and Jet! Pre-order a copy of The Cruelest Mercy (or put a hold on it at your local library), and you’ll receive all three characters in bookmark form. You can now carry your favorites anywhere you want, or have them leer at you from the bookshelf, or tuck them under your pillow. These stunningRead More →

The Cruelest Mercy cover teaser

In case you missed my reveal in September, book 2 officially has a title – The Cruelest Mercy – and now I’m so pleased to be able to show off the cover, too! I have been *dying* to share this with you guys since I saw an early concept back in April. This is an instance in which words can’t do it any kind of justice, and so I will simply leave this link here for your viewing pleasure: Click me for amazing things ⚠️ SPOILER ALERT: THIS REVEAL ALSO INCLUDES CHAPTER 1 OF THE SEQUEL AND AN EXCLUSIVE Q&A – with some major spoilers forRead More →

Pre-Order The Kinder Poison and receive a hand-numbered, 11" x 14" map!

I have two major announcements! First, I’m so excited to reveal that there will be a map in the finished copies of the book – and not only that, but I’m offering an 11 x 14″ poster version of it for a limited time that you can literally hang on your wall. Pre-order a copy of The Kinder Poison (or put a hold on it at your local library), and you’ll receive a hand-numbered, poster-sized version of the map that will appear inside the hardcover’s front pages. This jaw-dropping beauty was designed by artist extraordinaire Marisa Hopkins, and it still knocks my socks off every time I see it. ClickRead More →

Friends, I’m thrilled to announce that today, YABC has revealed the cover for The Kinder Poison! Click here to view it, read a 2-chapter excerpt, and enter to win one of the FIRST advanced copies of the book! You can also pre-order the book from most major bookstores. Hold on to your receipts, because you’ll be able to trade them in for some epic pre-order incentives in June! Here’s just a few places The Kinder Poison will be available:Read More →

One of the most common questions I’m asked as an author is, “How DO you get published, anyway?” So, I thought I’d gather together the list of resources I used on my journey, from how to break into the industry, to agent blogs, craft resources, and formatting tips. Enjoy!Read More →

Hello 2019

An author lives in a weird, fluctuating existence between past and future. We often know news about our books months (sometimes years!) in advance of being able to share it, and once we do get to announce, it’s often months (or years…) before that news turns into an actual, tangible thing. After waiting 9 months to announce my new book deal, it’ll now be at least 13 months before THE KINDER POISON hits shelves in 2020. But don’t think that means nothing will be happening during 2019! Here are the things I’m looking forward to (as well as some fun things you can expect to see, as well).Read More →

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce I’m going to be published again! The brilliant Marissa Grossman at Razorbill (Penguin Random House) has acquired, at auction, my YA fantasy duology, to be published in Summer 2020. The books are set in the fantastical world of Orkena, and the first follows sixteen-year-old Zahru, who is chosen as a human sacrifice in a dangerous race across the desert between the king’s three heirs. A sequel will follow in 2021. You can add the first book on Goodreads here! And if you’d like to be the first to know about series-related giveaways, character reveals, exclusive content and other news fromRead More →