Looking Forward to 2019

Hello 2019

An author lives in a weird, fluctuating existence between past and future. We often know news about our books months (sometimes years!) in advance of being able to share it, and once we do get to announce, it’s often months (or years…) before that news turns into an actual, tangible thing. After waiting 9 months to announce my new book deal, it’ll now be at least 13 more before THE KINDER POISON hits shelves in 2020. But don’t think that means nothing will be happening in 2019! Here are the things I’m looking forward to (as well as some fun things you can expect to see, as well):

  • THE KINDER POISON II: I need to write a sequel! Outlining, drafting, and revising the second book will likely be much of my 2019. After all, the first book is a product of over a year of writing and editing. (Please don’t remind me I’ll have less than that to do this second one.)
  • A COVER: This is one of my favorite parts of the publishing process. Sometime in the next few months, someone is going to take 119,000 words that I wrote and condense them into a single image. You’d better believe you’ll be the first to see it!
  • A SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT: Yup, I already have more news I can’t share with anyone yet. Stay tuned for that later next year…
  • ARCs (Advance Reading Copies): Another huge milestone for a new book! ARCs are real copies of a book in a paperback format that are sent out to reviewers, other authors, and media outlets to build buzz for a title months before it’s available on shelves. They are super exclusive and never available for sale. Good thing you have an inside connection 😉 I’ll be running several ARC giveaways once we get closer to the release date, some for subscribers only!
  • GIVEAWAYS GALORE: I have all kinds of shenanigans planned for the end of 2019 to celebrate the weeks before THE KINDER’S POISON’s release. Expect some really unique character-related items up for grabs, as well as some awesome preorder incentives.
  • BOOKS. REAL BOOKS!: Oh, and my favorite part – actual, real hardcover copies of the book! Author copies typically come 2-3 weeks prior to the actual release date. Expect to see my smiling (crying) face as soon as the box arrives!

I cannot wait to share these moments with you all. Have I mentioned yet how incredibly grateful I am to have you in my corner? THANK YOU. Your support means everything.

More to come –

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  1. This is amazing!! Congrats and i’m Keeping my fingers crossed for an advanced copy!

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