Where can I buy signed and/or personalized copies of your books?

International and US readers can find signed copies of my books at Words of Windsor. Specify in the order comments that you want your book(s) signed and/or personalized. International readers: please contact the shop before ordering for current shipping rates and availability.

Where can I find character art or art inspiration for your books?

I post some of my favorite fanart, world inspirations and official commissions on Pinterest!

Do you have any reading recommendations?

I often post book recommendations and recent faves on my Instagram account.

Will there be an audiobook for The Sweetest Betrayal?

As much as I would love this answer to be otherwise, unfortunately my US publisher declined to pursue audio rights for The Sweetest Betrayal. I’m hoping this can change if the series continues to grow in popularity, but for now it is only available in ebook and print.

German readers: the entire trilogy will be available on audio from Hörbuch Hamburg as the series releases in Germany! (Nov 2024 through Nov 2025)

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

My number one tip is to read, read, read. Read books in the genres you want to write in. Read books in genres you’d never write in. Discover what makes you passionate about these books and apply it to your own work. I’ve also collected a number of resources on how to get published, which you can find here.

Also – find your people! Having a support system of other writers, whether online or via a local writers’ group, can help immensely both when you need an extra set of eyes on your work and with networking.

Do you offer signed bookplates?

At the moment, I am only offering signed bookplates either via preorder incentives or at in-person events. Be sure you’re either following me on Instagram or subscribed to my newsletter so you know when these opportunities arise!

Can you read and/or edit my book?

I’m so incredibly honored that you would trust me with your work – but I apologize that at the moment, I’m currently closed to editorial requests. If you’re uncertain where to start with getting another set of eyes on your work, check in with your local writers’ groups, check out websites like AWP that pair mentors with writers, and keep an eye on local and online writing contests that offer feedback to applicants. Find other writers you trust who are also trying to get published and swap pages. My early critique partners are now my dearest author friends!

When is your next book coming out?

Keep an eye on my blog or subscribe to my newsletter to keep up with my latest news!